Saturday, July 21, 2012

What learn form Academic composition .

What I learn form Academic composition .

Since I joined to Naval college , I was poor in academic work but know h have leaned many things aboutEnglish language like  I have learned how to communicate with the teacher via e-mail
and   I have learned how to create a A blogalso  I have learned how to do prezi ,learned how to do google doc not only this ,  I have learnad post in the blogger too and I have learned how to capture the web page and edit with  learned how to report .really  I have imroved my english language I have learned to do surveymonkey , know you ca see me how I leaned to present the presentation .

Thank you Mr.Vance , Really You have improve my Enlglish and We understand your message .

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  1. Thank you Zayad. It's nice to know that something of what I have tried hard to do this past year has made a difference. Good luck with your career.