Sunday, September 9, 2012

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I will describe what I have achieved in this course. I will discuss the type of subjects and how they improved our skills .
In Term 4 we take many subjects in English lessons including Academic composition. I have learned how to communicate with the teacher via e-mail , we take prezi it was presentation program also we take mysurveymonkey it was program for add the votes for students and finally we take A blogger that we post our publish .
# The Prezi
 on Prezi you can create slideshow ,make video and create presentation , it's sample and you can make movement that make your presentation interesting and the best things on Prezi is you can control the zooming .
 1 - My Friend

It was a first time I use the prezi , It was about to describe What My Friend Ahmed like in his life . I choose best friend to talk about him  , it was hard for me make the prezi but after few days it's become easy .
2-Save the earth
it was the second prezi to do , It was about save the earth we must put pictures with title and video about how to help the environment

# My posts  on blogger
 I published three  posts in the blogger first one about I have learned many things in the Prezi website and secondly about What I learn form Academic composition . The third one is the war is not a game . it's to share your knowledge with the all world. You can also earn money by posting very good quality blogs 
1-  I have learned many things in the Prezi 
This website has helped me to improve my English language 
2 - What I learn form Academic composition 
 3- War is not a game 
War is not a game they lead lives of people to death , I agree with to make the world safe 

# My survey monkey 
It was a questions bank the show students answers and know the student knowledge In the survey design phase, Surveymonkey offers 17 formats for asking questions (multiple choice, true false, open-ended, etc) , the golas is To ask the right questions, you need to be clear about your goals for sending out the survey .

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